Don't just communicate. Connect.

It's not enough anymore to just communicate. Today, you need to integrate product, place, price and promotion to create an exchange of value. In a word, you must connect.

At Syphr, we understand the personal connection consumers have to their finances and the need to help you relate and engage. We work to create a one-to-one conversation through highly personalized credit management and financial optimization applications.

Don’t waste time and money simply transmitting and receiving information with your customers regarding their personal finances. Connect.

Real Rates. Real Payments.

We believe in transparency and helping consumers make not only smart, but money-saving loan and credit decisions—with one goal in mind: to help you connect. Our patent-pending technology engages online shoppers with a realistic payment and approval expectation based their personal credit profile.

Our core process is data acquisition through distribution and our technology is designed to find and deliver in-market consumers ready to borrow—engaged and pre-qualified for your loan offers. Our process is built around three primary stages: lead generation, validation, and management.

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